Navigating through an insurance claim can be as fun as a root canal. Don’t despair though! Take your shoes off, grab a lemonade, sink into your favorite chair and just relax, because we’ve got this covered. We’ve been working with Insurance companies for decades. We know the ins and outs backwards and forwards. You’ve been dutifully paying premiums for years. When an actual disaster hits, it’s your insurance company’s duty to set things right. Don’t get short changed. Know your rights and maximize your claim. Let us be your guide.

  • Call Salazar Roofing and Construction before contacting your Insurance Claims Department. We’ll assist you with the inspection and document evidence of damage.

  • Once one of our project manager’s has completed their inspection, we’ll guide through the process of contacting your insurance company and filing a claim.

  • Your Salazar Roofing and Construction Representative will meet with the adjuster to assist in their inspection and determining the overall scope of repair.

  • Scope of repairs and associated pricing are finalized between the adjuster and Salazar Roofing and Construction. Any discrepancies between estimates will be negotiated on your behalf.

  • Salazar Roofing and Construction will swiftly complete your repairs and send your insurance company necessary documentation once your project is complete.

Salazar was the company I wanted to go to when we got storm damage. I was aware of their reputation on roofing, but didn't realize they did other construction as well. I had them do not only the roof (looks GREAT), but also window replacement, paint, garage doors, and electrical. They took care of all our storm damage! Very pleased with everything.