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It all started with a guy named Mike. Mike was a builder and craftsman that loved his job. He had a way about him, an energetic enthusiasm for his work that was contiguous. It was clear, when Mike took on a project it was more than a job, it was a mission towards excellence. Before you knew it, Mike was running multiple crews across the southwest region.

Crews respected Mike. They were inspired by his work ethic and commitment to detail. As a result, they worked hard for him and took tremendous pride in their work. The same contagious pride Mike had for everything he did. They weren’t just a crew, they were Mike Salazar’s crew.

A few years later, Mike started a new crew. Smaller than the ones he had led in the past, but a handful nonetheless. Sure, they were disorganized and undisciplined at first, but he saw great potential in them. The new little crew, also known as his children, were named Brandy, Eric, and Michael. And wouldn’t you know it, between Mike and his wife Elva’s leadership, they inspired this new little crew as well.

Fast forward a few decades later. Mike is as enthusiastic as ever! And his little crew has grown up, helping him to build Salazar Roofing and Construction into the Industry Leader they are today, with multiple offices across the nation.

Licensed Contractor and Nationally Certified Roofers

You’re thinking about adding on that new sunroom, building a patio, remodeling your kitchen, or replacing your leaky roof. How do you choose? It can be overwhelming. There are hoards of individuals, carpenters and general contractors claiming they can do the job. And perhaps some of them can. But to narrow down your choices and give you peace of mind, why not hire a licensed/certified Contractor and Roofer?

Right away you’ll know they have the experience and qualifications to do the job and do the job right. Many times we have to step in to fix other builders’ and roofers’ mistakes. Bad construction can be cheap at first but costly in the end. As the saying goes, “Buy right, or buy twice.”

We stand by our work. Not only do we use top quality materials, but more importantly, we use highly trained certified professionals who rigorously follow best building and roofing practices. Our business is built on our reputation. That is why all our construction is up to code and built to last. Join the thousands of loyal customers who trust Salazar for all their roofing and construction needs and embrace the peace of mind of hiring licensed certified professionals who stand by their work.

We need have an area on the home-page that probably lists their full scope of work/capabilities. Then also an area to talk reference how their a licensed roofer and construction company. We will display their license/info for each respective state.

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Salazar Roofing & Construction is a trusted roofing and construction company that offers a wide variety of products and services. We offer the best quality in all the services we offer.

Roofing and More

Salazar Roofing & Construction offers commercial roofing solutions like metal roofs, duro-last roofs, single ply membrane and many other options available to you.

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Need repairs to your home or business? Looking towards a home improvement or remodeling project, Salazar is your one-stop contractor for roofing & construction needs.